Why is Guayusa the next big Superfood?

Photo by: Jhoanna Rosales, 2017. All rights reserved

Photo by: Jhoanna Rosales, 2017. All rights reserved

Guayusa (Ilex Guayusa Loes) is an evergreen tree original from South America. It specially grows in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Due to its health benefits, it has been consumed since ancient times by Amazon indigenous tribes.... So what are the benefits of Guayusa Tea? This wise tea has a positive impact in the immune system, cardiovascular system, mental clearness and energy balance.

According to a new medical publication: “A total of 14 phenolic compounds were identified and quantified in Guayusa leaves” revealing a very high antioxidant capacity, about 50% more antioxidants than Green Tea. Antioxidants search for cell-damaging free radicals in the body and neutralize them. As free radicals are one of the leading causes of certain types of cancer, Guayusa Tea help fighting carcinogenic cells.

Phenols and Carotenoids present in Guayusa Tea prevent high blood pressure by acting directly in blood vessels. It improves overall cardiovascular activity which reduces the chances of heart failure and other related diseases. Furthermore, its flavor is very smooth because it does not have tannins, which are the compounds that produce the characteristic bitterness in Green Tea.

Guayusa leaves have 50% more antioxidants than Green tea

One of its compounds, L-Theanine, calms the mind while increases awareness and mind sharpness. This compound, combined with the caffeine content, makes Guayusa a natural source of energy, yet, unlike coffee, Guayusa Tea offers a steady climb of energy and a steady fall of energy, eliminating the occurrence of jitters, shaking, or drastic alteration of the nervous system that are experienced when drinking coffee. 

Additionally it is a good source of vitamins and minerals. If Guayusa leaves are grown organically, there are no potential side effects or health risks, which are present in other industrialized tea leaves such as green or black tea. That is why Guayusa is considered as the next big hit in the superfoods arena.