Coffee or tea? it doesn't have to be a hard choice


Very similar to the “Cat or Dog” discussion, coffee and tea drinkers, lovers and doctors have been arguing about which of these 2 beverages are better. And the answer against or pro any of them relies on the benefits or side effects that are evaluated.

Before been able to take side on either, it is good to know in deep the characteristics of both beverages:


coffee vs tea.JPG

Jokes aside, coffee and tea both have health benefits as well as side effect that some of us would like to avoid.

For instance, tea has a great amount of antioxidants as well as some caffeine, but not so much as to prevent you from having a good rest. It offers a relaxing time and is smooth on your stomach; meanwhile coffee provides you the boost of energy to kick start your day due to the caffeine content. It will not stain your teeth as much as other beverages and finally it has a positive effect in the fight against degenerative deseases of the nervous system like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

Consumers should consider farming methods and environmental impact of the products

Many studies, extensive research and publications can be found around the qualities of both tea and coffee. Clearly both have health benefits, so the decision comes down to individual preferences of consumers, whom should make a wise purchase decision by analyzing other factors, such as non intensive farming methods that favor organic products, fair working conditions for farmers as well as the overall environmental impact caused by the products, packaging and worldwide shipping.