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Pachamanta, stands for "Natural" in the native language of Ecuador

We intend to share the health benefits of organic Ecuadorian Superfoods and native products 



The Ecuadorian horchata is a drink that is unique in the world. Its exotic aroma and flavor are the result of the combination of a variety of plants and flowers cultivated in small gardens



Guayusa has a great amount of antioxidants, is a diuretic, facilitates blood flow and has relaxing properties. An infusion of Guayusa leaves is consumed traditionally in the Ecuadorian Amazon



In Pachamanta, one of our main beliefs is respect. Respect for the environment by promoting non intensive not industrial agricultural practices, and respect for our farmers and their ancestral lifestyle


Environment friendly package

To avoid environment damage caused by paper production process, our packages are made of non bleached recycled sugar cane fibers. Our tea bags are made of biodegradable paper fibers to reduce the pollution caused by nylon and synthetic tea bags 


traditional farming 

To avoid natural resources exploitation and earth depletion we embrace traditional farming methods, were our products are grown organically in small charas. Harvest is small and limited, not industrialized 


Ancestral wisdom 

Ecuador is a multiethnical and pluricultural country. As nutrition is a cultural expression, we strive to discover those ancestral rituals and traditions treasured by our native communities